Why Search Further When You Have God?

If you can have this confidence in God and determine within you that you will be whom God has created you to be. You will start seeing things shaping up to your favor.
God is the final bus stop to all searches of solutions. There is no where in the world you can get a permanent solution to any issues of life than in His word. The book of Matthew 6:33 gave us a clear insight of what we must expect. It says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Yes we read right “All things you’ve been running from pillar to post to see if it can be achieved. He says “Seek Me”
One of the mediums I recommend in seeking His presence is via praises; Wherever praise is engaged a turnaround is certain. Psalm 67:3-7
  • Fearful harvest is a function of fearful praise. Hebrew 6:10
If His words says seek Him, please do speedly..When He requires praise, do it joyfully. Then the earth will yield her increase in your life. Every obedience of faith entitles you to every blessings that accrue to it. Gen 8:22
  • You can liken it as a Spiritual investment Matt 6:6,18
If you don’t take responsibility you may die a liability. Gal 6:7-8 That shall not be our portion in Jesus name!

Some of ways we can invoke his presence and answers to our prayers

  • Through soul winning John 4:36, proverbs 13:17
  • With our material and financial resources. 2Corin 9:6-8, Due 8:18. Everything you give to God he multiples it back to you. Giving is the gateway to supernatural abundance.
  • Physical labor John 9:4, 1 Corinth 18:10, Luke 10:27
There is nothing you give to God that is wasted.

Why do we need the anointing to qualify for harvest?

Every of our engagement with God requires a joy, He loves a cheerful giver, Due 28:48,47
Another secret weapon is serving and singing in the secret. It takes joy for your investment to be qualified for a reward.
We need anointing for tireless investment and anointing for bountiful harvest, return. 2corin 8:3, Joel 1:12.
Where your joy stops is were your harvest stops.
My sincere prayer is for us to acknowledge that we can only search the Lord from His scripture. Praying for you to have an insight to His word today and ever more.

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