God’s Immense Love

A teenager, Arthur Hinkley, was said to have lifted a 3,000- pound tractor with his bare hands, when a friend of his, Lloyd Bachelder, 18, was pinned under it on a farm near Rome, Maine. Hinkley was not a weight lifter, but because of the love he had for his friend, he could, somehow, lift the tractor well enough for Bachelder to wriggle out.

God, because of the love He had for the Israelites, delivered them from the evil devised against them by their enemies.

In PSALM 75:1-10, which was clearly expressed in symbolism, was a deep appreciation for what He did for His people. Their enemies had fought against many nations near Judah and won, but when they came against Jerusalem, the capital city of Judah, God fought for His people and the enemies lost the battle; God kept the temple and His people that lived near it safe.

In a moment of ecstasy, the psalmist used symbolic expression to appreciate God’s wonderful help. The victory was an indication that God was still with them. The psalmist recounted that when the enemies came against Judah, the Israelites felt as if “the earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved.”

This, figuratively, indicated that they were terribly afraid. But God assured that even if it was an earthquake, He could stop the ground from moving because He could “bear up the pillars of it.” This symbolic expression equally showed that even in a war, God can stop the fighting.

The psalmist further disclosed that their enemies could not use their horns, which symbolized power, because God cut them off, while the righteous became stronger and powerful. God has placed high premium on believers. Love motivated Him to do it. He sent His only precious Son to the cross so that our sins could be forgiven.

As you acknowledge Him in total repentance of sin and accept Jesus as Lord and personal Savior, God will make you the apple of His eyes and fight for you in every battle of life.

Thought for the day: God is the Defence City of the righteous


Prayer: “All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted” (Psalm 75:10).


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