Don’t despise your calling

In most organizations, when people that matter to the growth and progress of the group are being mentioned, hardly are the porters, guards and lowly-placed officials mentioned. Usually, such offices are mostly reserved for those who appear to be at the lower rung of the social ladder.

Nobody seems to attach any importance to them. Unfortunately too, most of these people look down on themselves, having such a low self-esteem.

This scenario is entirely different in God’s setup. Everyone in God’s house and service enjoys a place of unique importance. It is interesting to note the attention given to chronicling the place and roles of these sons of Levi whose duties were to keep watch over the place of worship in our text below.

“So they and their children had the oversight of the gates of the house of the LORD, namely, the house of the tabernacle, by wards” (1 Chronicles 9:23).

God took time to mention each family by name and the place of their service. Because they saw that their assigned portions and duties were given to them by God, there was no record of anyone grudging over the other or envying one another. Rather, each family took pride in their service and gladly rendered faithful service to the Lord. The porters, just like the priests, were important to God.

Certainly, not everyone will have the privilege of the pulpit ministry. We all can’t be preachers and pastors but then, we all can find a place of importance and relevance in God’s service. God needs the porters too and that very much.

So, if you’re called not to preach, sing or counsel, but just to watch over the people of God and the place of worship, know that you are very much significant in the entire service. Don’t look down on your calling. Take pride in the duty assigned you and do it with joy.

And if yours is the privilege of oversight of God’s people as pastors and preachers, remember that you need the porters to be able to effectively carry out your ministry. Yes, the porters too are important in God’s service.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Don’t despise your calling.


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