Who Can Use God?

Down through the ages, people have tried to use God rather than be used by Him. From the politician that invokes God’s name in order to amass votes, to the pauper that feigns godliness so as to extort money from people, humans have imagined that they can use God to their personal advantage.


See 1 KINGS 14:1-20

Jeroboam thought he could use God but was taught the invariable lesson that “God is not mocked.” When God decided to yank off a greater part of Israel’s kingdom from the house of David because of Solomon’s sin, Jeroboam was favored by God to rule over ten tribes.

Sadly, he failed God by setting up worship images in Israel to keep his subjects from going to Jerusalem for worship, thus leading the people to idolatry and apostasy. When his son, Abijah, got sick, he thought of patronizing Ahijah, the Shiloh-based prophet that God used to anoint him king. He sent his wife to enquire if the child was going to survive the sickness.


“And the LORD said unto Ahijah, Behold, the wife of Jeroboam cometh to ask a thing of thee for her son; for he is sick: thus and thus shalt thou say unto her: for it shall be, when she cometh in, that she shall feign herself to be another woman” (1 Kings 14:5).

Jeroboam disguised his wife to avoid being identified by the prophet – more so the prophet’s eyes had dimmed by age. But can anyone hide something from the omniscient God?

As soon as she arrived at Ahijah’s home, having been briefed by God, he not only identified her, but pronounced to her judgment concerning the impending terrible ruin of the house of Jeroboam. She was also assured that their sick son would die. Ahijah was faithful. He cared not for her presence or presents.

God is too mighty to be used by ordinary worm like man. He deserves our utmost worship. He “is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).

Only spiritual rebirth through repentance and faith in Christ qualifies us to properly relate with God and be used of Him.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Every deception targeted at God ends up woefully as self-deception.


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