What A Fall!

Once, a millionaire attended a party and found himself in the midst of a group of people discussing the subject of prayer. He told them that he did not have to pray to God for anything.


“Prayer maybe all right for you,” he said, “but I don’t need it. I worked hard for everything I have. I didn’t ask God for anything!”.


Then a university president responded: “Sir, there is one thing you don’t have that you might pray for.” “And what might that be?” asked the man. The educationist replied: “You could pray for humility”.


A grave consequence of human pride since the fall in Eden is that man has separated himself from his Creator, exalting himself in false glory that leads to destruction. Like the millionaire, the entire humanity has lived in the erroneous belief that man does not need God, that we can direct our affairs without God’s guidance.


But according to Isaiah, a time of judgment is coming when the haughty men would be brought down. The immediate fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy was the devastation of the individuals and the land they populated. Now there is a larger prophetic perspective: “The day of the LORD” (Isaiah 2:12). At that time, God will hurl down all evil in the earth (Joel 2:31; 1 Thessalonians 5:2; Revelation 4-19).


The present evil system that glorifies pride and rebellion against God’s law of righteousness, holiness and humility shall be destroyed along with those who practice and support them. Only those who meekly submit to obtain the salvation of God through Jesus Christ will be saved from the “wrath to come”.


The wise who do not want to suffer in eternity will “cease from man” (Isaiah 2:22) and his spiritually unprofitable ways and “enter into the rock” (Isaiah 2:10). Jesus Christ is the Rock.



THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God rejects the haughty but gives grace to the humble.



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