Unqualified Favor

It boggles the mind why most peoples’ priority lies in the realm of the profane and the carnal. Not many realize that a God-given wisdom is the answer to all the challenges of life.


When Solomon became the king of Israel, he went for the real thing – God’s wisdom, not wealth. He probably knew that wealth without God would amount to vanity. And God, who promised that when you seek first His kingdom and righteousness “all these things shall be added unto you,” favored Solomon with abundant blessings.


“So king Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom” (1 Kings 10:23).


The scripture passage above shows Solomon’s great wealth, which came from taxes that merchants paid and countries that his father, David, had conquered. Much of the wealth equally came from merchants, while others came from people who paid him for his advice and from trade in horses and chariots.


All around Solomon was wealthy and he flaunted it in the best ways he knew.


All his dishes and cups in the palace were made of gold. He had a royal seat on which he sat to give laws and advice. He also made some gold shields, which he used in ceremonies. Solomon’s great wealth is incomparable with God’s. But he was able to tap into God’s blessings because he, first of all, sought for what was needful, the wisdom from on High.


God’s wealth, unlike Solomon’s, will never fade. Seeking God wholeheartedly attracts His favor.


Many today seek Him halfheartedly, asking for frivolous things. They value material acquisition more than God’s precious salvation and holiness of life.


But if you will decide today to distinguish yourself before Him, through a lifestyle of holiness and consecration, God will surely honor you with His blessings, especially His wisdom.



THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Whom God loves, He favors; therefore, seek His love.



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