Jun 07

What Is Your Motives

All over the continents, since the year 2000s we have witnessed the establishment of many worship centers. But many of such centers were established as money-making ventures since the unemployment level in the world is on the rise.

So, while it is commendable to build churches, if the major reason for doing so is material gain, it offends God and exposes those involved in it to divine wrath.

“And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a perfect heart” (2 Chronicles 25:2).

In the passage of the scripture above, Amaziah was no enemy to religion, but a cool and indifferent friend. Like him, many do what is good, but not with a perfect heart.

He was vindictive, although he thought that sparing the children of those servants that killed his father was a deed of mercy, even when he killed their fathers.

It is dangerous to depend on the arm of flesh for success. Although appearing to be a strategist, Amaziah was embarking on a project that was doomed to fail. His life was going to be lost if he went ahead to war. He was clearly told about this, but he still trusted in his strategy. He had paid some people for hundred talents of silver. This, to him, should secure him some degree of victory.

Sinners, and those who do not have faith, however, always object to self-denying obedience. They give excuses, and like Amaziah, say: ‘But what shall we do for the hundred talents?’

  • As business men and women, they ask: ‘what shall we do if by keeping the Lord’s day holy we lose many good customers?
  • What shall we do without this gain? What shall we do if we lose the friendship of this world?’
  • Many endeavour to quieten their consciences by the pretense that forbidden practices are necessary.


The answer is, “The Lord is able to give you much more than this. He makes up, even in this world, for all that is given up for His sake.” Will you therefore submit to God’s perfect will and serve Him without questioning or disputing His authority? Obedience brings a blessing.

Whatsoever you do for Christ must be in line with His will. Good deeds veiled in hypocrisy have no reward in heaven.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The unregenerated heart is desperately wicked…who can know it.


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