Jun 25

Strength For The Weak

The frontiers of God’s grace can hardly be comprehended by finite human minds.

Victories attained in life are not directly attributable to man’s inputs, even though it may be so to some extent. Such victories are derived through divine intervention.

“And thou shalt hear what they say; and afterward shall thine hands be strengthened to go down unto the host…” (Judges 7:11).

God’s explicit command eventually came to Gideon to storm the vast army of Midian that was spread like grasshoppers in the valley. Yet, it was not a command without the enabling grace. God understood that in spite of all assurances, Gideon would further require demonstrable proofs that He had indeed delivered the hosts of Midian into his hand.


On getting closer to the enemy’s camp with his servant, Phurah, Gideon became aware of the startling disclosure from the lips of a Midianite, that God would deliver Midian into the hand of Gideon.

This revelation came to pass with pinpoint accuracy. It was more than enough to strengthen Gideon and to send him on his knees in worship and adoration of a peculiarly faithful God.

As we march through life, it is possible to come across emotional, spiritual and physical battles that we have little or no strength to contend with. In such situations, we need to be persuaded of the ability of God to supply the needed strength to overcome every battle.

God hardly gives a command without the corresponding grace. He appreciates the frailties of man and readily provides power to the faint and strength to the weary.


Those who choose to wait on Him can always renew their strength in the power of His might. God’s interventions come through various channels. When they come, ours is to be spiritually sensitive and be willing to follow the Lord as He leads.

It is only through obedience and trust that we will find the courage and boldness to surmount every difficulty.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God is our refuge and strength.


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