May 16


We serve a God we can trust and implicitly depend on. When we know who He is in reality, and faith becomes as natural as breathing to us, then we shall be able to take our place beside Abraham who staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was fully persuaded that what He has promised He was also able to perform.


Knowing this unalterable character of God that He cannot lie will impart the courage of Moses to us, and we shall be able to endure seeing Him who is invisible. To know in our hearts that God cannot lie will make us invincible as we stand on His promises.


The Scripture reveals that


(1) God is immutable (Hebrews 6:18);

(2) He is infallible (Joshua 21:45);

(3) He is incorruptible (Romans 1:23; Revelation 4:8);

(4) He is infinite (Isaiah 40:28);

(5) He is incomprehensible (Psalm 139:1-6);

(6) He is invisible (1 Timothy 1:17); and,

(7) He is immortal (1 Timothy 6:15,16).


As believers, our full-time responsibility is to glorify God and adorn His doctrine.