Jun 03

A Worthy Legacy

Wildlife conservationists are, more than ever, fighting to save hundreds of animals regarded as endangered species. Their prospect of going into extinction stems from the disruptive activities of humans as well as climate change. So much money and effort are now being spent just to keep them on the face of the earth.

Abraham had a more vital reason to secure a bright future for Isaac, his son. It is true that he made a fatal mistake in his earlier years when he got a child through his housemaid. It is also true that, at old age, he got remarried to Keturah through whom he had many other children.

But when it got to taking out a will before his death, he made a significant difference. To his other sons, including Ishmael, he simply but fairly “gave gifts” (settled them). But he “gave all that he had unto Isaac”. He also ensured that all the other sons were sent away from Isaac.

“And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac” (Genesis 25:5).

Abraham did not only bequeath his vast earthly estate to Isaac, he transferred to him the privileges of the covenant. He did not lose sight of the fact that Isaac was his proper heir and child of promise (Genesis 21:12).

It was needful that Abraham’s other sons were put far away from Isaac and that this distinction be made while Abraham was still alive lest there be any rivalry after his death.

Isaac symbolizes the Christian believers who are now the heirs of promise and unto who, are reserved the blessings of a better covenant (Galatians 4:28).

In Christ Jesus, we are “a chosen generation… a peculiar people”. As such, God has a special portion for us. To others He gives common blessings but to His Isaacs He reserves peculiar temporal and eternal blessings.

Be rest assured today that your heavenly Father knows better and has your interest at heart. Just cling to His promises and at length you will find that “all things are yours”.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Nothing but your best will please the Master. 


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