Most Dependable companion

Nowadays, it is almost becoming difficult to have a dependable companion. Cases abound of people tricking their friends to be kidnapped for ransom. Some give up even their blood relations for money. Security has broken down in many countries, particularly in developing nations, so much that life is almost meaningless. And justice is a mirage.


Newspapers and electronic media inundate our ears and eyes with horrible news on a daily basis. There’s no comforting news anywhere. But the Psalmist tells us that the law of the Lord offers that hope. Reading and depending on it reassures the believer of the ever-present God to offer the desired help.


The Psalmist here acknowledges the efficacy of the word of God and of all His counsels. He also acknowledges the unchangeableness of the almighty God with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning. “Thy word” by which the heavens were made, “is settled,” producing as evidence, the constancy of the course of nature.

The abiding faithfulness of the Creator from generations past till eternity lends more credence to the durability and reliability of His word. He said, “I am God, I change not” (Malachi 3:6). So also are His words. “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.”


This eternal quality is not subject in anyway to the elements of nature. The Psalmist ever found solace in the powerful influence of the word in his affliction, as it gave him delight in solitude and sorrow. The word of the Lord is a pleasant companion at all times.

The best evidence of our love for the word of God is never to forget it. David said: “I have sought thy precepts,” even in the midst of enemies and conspiracies against him. He confessed, “I will consider thy testimonies.”


The more of His word you have in you, the more His abiding presence is assured. We should, therefore, consciously endeavor to store more of His word in our hearts.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: A man is vulnerable when he forsakes God’s law.


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