Lepers In Need Of Cleansing

The Old Testament is replete with the message of cleansing as the first condition for any relationship or reconciliation with God. The physical cleansing we come across in the law and the prophets, whether for the leper, menstrous or defiled through contact with dead bodies foreshadows spiritual redemption through Christ’s atoning death.

The consistency of the word of God about the pre-eminence of forgiveness of sin over healing of sickness is borne out of the passage in Mark 2:1-11, where Jesus unequivocally told a man sick of paralysis, first of all that his sins were forgiven before He pronounced the man healed.

The ignorant bystanders, who thought they were religious, questioned Jesus’ action then. Today, many who are desperately in need of spiritual cleansing and healing would hear none of the message of salvation.

How can a person reasonably expect God to heal him with whom he has not sought reconciliation? Of what benefit is the healing which does not take the beneficiary beyond this side of eternity?

Although Hezekiah got additional years after receiving healing and Lazarus was raised from the dead, they did not remain forever on earth.

A cleansed leper was to be presented to the Lord with his offering. We have read of the gracious provision made for the poor lepers. The poor are as welcome to God’s altar as the rich.

His desire is for every spiritual leper to be cleansed. Are you one? Then, come to God’s altar today. Delay no longer. He will cleanse you of all your unrighteousness.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Jesus Split His blood for our cleansing.


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