Encounter With Power Of His Resurrection


Joy To The World Our Saviour Is Risen

We live in a world were the whole world layth with wickedness, According to 1 John 5:19, Psalm 66:3

Empowerment is the key to our triumph over the wicked.

The only language the enemy respect is the language of power. Our destiny is at a risk without empowerment.

Joel 2:29, acts 2:17

We as Christians  needs to be genuinely empowered, else life will be a risk.

Empowerment is mandatory for every child of God that wants to be triumphant in all spheres of life. Let us as believers know that Empowerment is for everyone, not just for pastors alone, ministers or Bishops. But for all who are genuinely called to His sonship.

I want you to say this with every form of conviction “Lord am set with an encounter with power”. Psalm 110:1-3

  • It will take real empowerment for your faith to be relevant.
  • Resurrection is the ultimate of Gods power. Luke 9:29,30,43
  • Revelation is the gateway to encounter His power, not prayer.

However revelation demands prayer and fasting Philippians 3:10

Revelation is a concern to the 2corin4:4  devil, so he will do everything to make you resist it. Revelation thus establishes your dominion over him and his kingdom.

What is in the power of his resurrection

  • It changes the negative things in us. Its our supernatural change of position.
  • It translates us from darkness to light. Luke 24:32
  • It burns off the veil covering our heart. Hosea 4:6, Isaih 60:1-3,8,22

Apart from salvation of our soul, our greatest access in the kingdom is light. John 1:9,5, Matt 27:51

  • Resurrection power translates us from filthiness to holiness. It destroys the works of the flesh. Rom 8:13
  • It translates our captivity to liberty. Matt 27:52,53
  • Translates sickness to health. Roman 8:11, John 20:21,22, eph 4:4,5

My prayer for you this day is that all that is dead in you, shall experience the risen power of God today and forever more. Amen!


God Bless You!

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