Do Away With External Religion Please

The underlining precepts of the kingdom Jesus preaches are spiritual and moral re-armaments with the powerful capacity to renew many a soul, however depraved through the grace of God.


The Lord’s messages are not about religion; instead, they are about a revolutionary spiritual rejuvenation which transforms a sinner into a saint, made to fit into God’s kingdom entirely by grace through Christ’s substitutionary atonement.


The carnal Jews rested in the external performances of their religious duties but missed the mark of a more excellent way of love, prayer and faith in God.

external religion


“I will not reprove thee for thy sacrifices or thy burnt offerings, to have been continually before me. I will take no bullock out of thy house, nor he goats out of thy folds” (Psalm 50:8,9).



In the scripture passage above, the Psalmist detests insincerity and vain spiritual worship that is void of implicit obedience to God and to His moral standard. It further highlights the future appearance of a righteous judge with holy instructions for pure worship and a rebuke to pretenders who live in serial disobedience.


God deals with those who place their religion in ritual sources while neglecting practical and inward righteousness and holiness. A mere observance of physical piety without genuine experience of salvation and freedom from sin will attract the wrath of God.


Attending church services and prayer meetings without personal and definite encounter with the Lord in simple confession and forsaking of sin is vain. God does not esteem those who worship Him with lip service because He only regards those who worship Him in spirit, truth and sincerity.


Today, going to church services, taking part in the Lord’s table, evangelizing, water baptism and paying tithes and offerings have been turned into mere ritual by many.


These activities are vain and empty if they are done for earthly recognition. Obedience, loyalty to God and an attitude of devotion are necessary to serving Him acceptably.



THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Religious profession without Christ is vain.



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